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Serving Churrascarias Since 1997
Our Products
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Why Ki Delícia?

Ki Delícia perfected a family linguiça recipe and brought it from Brazil to the US. It has been served by Brazilian churrascarias to millions since 1997.


Ki Delícia is committed to excellence. Our linguiça is made in the US, under USDA, with the finest meats and ingredients so the product is fresh and bursting with flavor and authenticity. Chefs love how easy it is to grill and serve. Customers love its Brazilian texture and flavor. 


At Ki Delícia, we understand the importance of strong partnerships which is why we are proud to work closely with Sysco, US Foods, and PFG. Our partnerships allow us to deliver our products across the country, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the premium quality and taste of our linguiça.

Our Products

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Linguiça Churrasco
Brazilian BBQ Sausage

A pork sausage specially designed to keep juicy and not dry out after it's fully grilled. Ki Delícia supplies it to the best Brazilian steak houses (Churrascarias) in the US and American restaurants that like to serve authentic ethnic products.  Ki Delícia Linguiça is not spicy but instead is rich in garlic and salt.  Many catering companies also serve our products for the best country clubs around the US.  It is packed in 10 lb cases and distributed by major foodservice companies.


Linguiça Fina
Brazilian Breakfast Sausage

A thin-rope pork sausage commonly fried. It served as breakfast sausage and has become the highlight of many brunch menus in New York City and other places around the country.  It is also highly used as an appetizer, like the traditional "Linguiça com Mandioca" (sausage with fried yuca).  It is packed in 10 lb cases and distributed by major foodservice companies.


Ki Delicia Brazilian Sausage Prod_crop.p
Pão de Queijo Gluten Free
Brazilian Cheese Rolls

Ki Delícia  Gluten-Free Brazilian cheese roll is appreciated by many bread lovers. It is made of tapioca starch and cheese. A delightful appetizer that can be served with any beverage. It is packed in 12 lb cases and is distributed by major foodservice companies.



How to Grill Linguiça

National Distribution

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 Our products are distributed by SYSCO, US Foodservice,
Performance Food Group (PFG) and other major distributors.

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