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About Us

Ki Delícia Foods was established by Getúlio (Jeff) Santos, a Brazilian who moved to New Jersey in the 1990s. It was his dream to introduce the linguiça, a pork sausage that's hugely popular in Portugal and Brazil, to the US market.


As he was perfecting his family recipe, chefs and friends who sampled the linguiça would say “Mmm! Ki Delícia!” – or “how delicious” – and the name of the company was born. 


Ki Delícia is proud of its contributions to establishing Brazilian cuisine in the mainstream in the US. The company developed its sausage with an authentic flavor for Brazilian BBQ, or churrasco. It was served in the first Brazilian steakhouses, or churrascarias, in New York and elsewhere in the country. At the time the company was founded, there were less than five churrascarias in the country. Today, there are hundreds of small Brazilian restaurants and more than 500 large steakhouses that have become a destination for large parties and corporate gatherings.


As the popularity of Brazilian food grew, Brazilian and American companies decided to compete with Ki Delícia with cheaper meat cuts and spices. Unwilling to compromise the quality of its product, Ki Delícia chose to continue manufacturing using only the finest ingredients to ensure its authentic Brazilian flavor and texture. This commitment has continued for more than 25 years.


Thank you for your business.

"Muito Obrigado!"

Getúlio (Jeff) Santos


Ki Delícia Foods

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