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About Us

Ki Delícia Foods was established in New Jersey in 1997. We are often asked what Ki Delícia means - it is Portuguese for ‘How Delicious.’ The name was originally inspired by the reactions that chefs and friends had when first sampling our sausages. “Mmm! Ki Delícia!” they would marvel. We are proud that our efforts have helped pave the way for Brazilian food into mainstream cuisine in the US. Today, Brazilian BBQ (Churrasco) is common around the world. Brazilian steakhouses are known as ‘Churrascarias,’ and they have become a go-to for large parties, such as corporate gatherings.

When Ki Delícia first opened its doors in 1997, there were less than 5 Churrascarias in the country. We developed a phenomenal sausage that served the first couple of Churrascarias that were running in New York, as well as few others that were starting up around the country. Today, there are at least 500 large steakhouses, as well as hundreds of small Brazilian restaurants in the US.

Ki Delícia has been a leader in terms of Brazilian quality and authenticity. As the market expanded, several Brazilian and American companies took after our products and started creating sausages with cheaper meat cuts and spices. At that point we were at a crossroads - we could have either competed in order to keep market share or continued to manufacture quality products. We chose the latter, choosing to remain authentic and continue serving the best products to our customers.

To the new customers, welcome to our Ki Delícia family, and for those who have been with us throughout the years, we would like to renew our commitment: we guarantee to serve you the best Brazilian products.

Thank you for your business.

"Muito Obrigado!"

Jeff Santos


Ki Delícia Foods

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