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Ki Delícia at The French Culinary Institute

Sabores - Sustainable Flavors of Brazil - A Taste & Trade session at the French Culinary Institute in New York to prestigious chefs and food professionals.

Churrasco - A tradition from south Brazil that became mainstream in the US.

Brazil -  Culinary Institute of America 

The country's regional cuisines are a function of its cultural diversity.

Shown on Globo TV International

(Portuguese Version)

Home Shopping Network - Brazil Week

Moqueca -  A traditional seafood stew served for more than 300 years in Brazil

Feijoada -  it is considered as Brazilian National dish. Black Beans stew with pork cuts , white rice, collard greens,  yuca flower and orange slices.

Fine Brazilian Cuisine - Intriguing Amazonian flavors with ultra modern techniques.

Caipirinha -  Brazil's national cocktail, made with cachaça (a sugarcane derived product), sugar and lime.

Chef Leticia Schwartz - Contemporary Brazilian Cuisine Chef Leticia Moreinos Schwartz is the author of The Brazilian Kitchen. It includes 100 classic and creative recipes for the home cook.

Chef Evandro Caregnato - Churrasco - Brazilian BBQ, a tradition from South Brazil, has made  into the US and its popular in every US metro city at Brazilian steakhouses called ''Churrascarias”

Disclaimer: Ki Delícia would like to thank all the organizations and businesses for sharing their videos in this gallery. Our special thanks to The Culinary Institute of America for producing educational resources about Brazil and other countries. Ki Delícia is not affiliated with any company in this gallery and  the videos are freely displayed for educational purpose only.

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